Recap: "Randy's List Item"

This week's My Name Is Earl had a little fun with some role reversal by having Randy (Ethan Suplee) discover the power of karma and attempt to cross an item off of his list. But while he shows how much he can be like Earl (Jason Lee) through his kindness to others, little do the brothers know how much they're alike in their relationship with each other.

After receiving a scratch-off lottery ticket from a relative, Randy wins $250. Reminiscent off Earl's lotto win, he runs out in celebration, but instead of getting hit by a car, he's hit by a person on a bike (I guess the cars only aim for the $100,000 winners). When the lottery ticket floats off as Earl's had, Randy knows karma has chosen him and he immediately seeks out the advice of Carson Daly. When Daly mentions Andrew Dice Clay, Randy remembers how he once stole Earl's Andrew Dice Clay belt buckle, which leads to the main list plot.

Back in the day, Earl and Randy met two brothers named Zeke and Arlo Cavanaugh. Earl and Zeke bonded over a shared interest of doing crazy stunts for free t-shirts, like drinking full glasses of used fryer grease at the Crab Shack. Randy became jealous since he was being left out and so he engineered a plan to break up their friendship. This involved stealing Earl's belt buckle, framing Zeke, and then standing back as Earl got his revenge by torching all of Zeke's favorite shirts. After confessing all of this, Earl and Randy set out to find the brothers and make things right.

Meanwhile, Joy (Jaime Pressly) is having problems of her own. While the Hickey's live rent-free in her old trailer, she, Darnell (Eddie Steeples), and the kids get whisked away to a new location by the Witness Protection Program. Their next incarnation is as the Grundlebutts from New York. But with stifling heat and constant trains riding by, Joy simply can't take it. Knowing they'll be relocated again if she outs their identities, she screams her real name from the window. The two agents show up immediately. When asked how close by they were, the female agent responds "Close enough to know you're wearing the same thong as yesterday, just turned inside out." Regardless of that little revelation, the Turners, or whatever you want to call them, are then transferred to a "lumberjack camp." Of course, Joy won't stand for this, and after employing the same tactic, the family is finally sent to Alaska to live with the Inuit. It seems that the two sadistic FBI agents finally have her in a corner when it suddenly dawns on her that the two are having an affair. Having pieced together this puzzle from a long series of isolated clues, Joy uses it to blackmail them into setting the family up in a luxurious house in California. "Goldie Cristal is finally home," she ecstatically says. Whether she'll still end up homesick in a place like that is anyone's guess.

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