Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 2: 'Still Crazy After All These Years' - Review

The problem with measuring sanity is that, you can't really do it for yourself. Someone else has to tell you you're not right in the head or you probably won't believe it, and even then it's more than normal for people not to trust others. It's a riddle, but it's part of life, even the quirky lives of the lawyers at Crane, Poole, & Schmidt.

Alan's uneven relationship with Sally continues to bother me. They just don't seem to belong together, no matter how much she thinks so. There are more sparks between Alan and Lori, and they've had maybe three scenes together the entire series. Brad seems to be filling the 'appreciative and admiring' son figure that is usually occupied by Alan, (only Brad does it with a tad less cynicism), and it's a justified move since Alan and Brad seem to balance each other out. He didn't really have anything to do in the courtroom, but he was superb, as always, in front of the committee at the loony bin. He plays the English language like a musician plays his instrument, brilliantly setting up Christine's stockpile of unused medication, and freeing her from the "hospital". Unfortunately for him this would set into motion a chain of circumstances that can only end badly; something mirrored in Denny's alienation from the rest of the firm, especially others in positions of power within it.

Denny may not be the same awe-inspiring figure he used to be, but he still knows what the hell he's doing when it comes to the law, and manipulating others, two skills that tend to go hand in hand. His former friend and partner tried to set him up (something that astounds Lori, who was the first to pick up on the plot), but Denny wrapped up his confidence in his trademark arrogance, winning the trial and thwarting the efforts to have him removed. Despite Brad's confession of a deep love for Denny, which I'll get to later, he remains the authority figure who demands respect, not just because he's a figurehead but because he commands it. Even though he was obviously badgering the widow at the deposition, he was able to conceal it as a legitimate line of questioning while making the opposing counsel seem like the fool, something I doubted he could do. But only for a second.

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