It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "Mac and Charlie Write a Movie" Review Season 5, Episode 11

Dammit, this one should've been better. The title had me salivating for a crazy episode where anything was possible, and in the case of Mac and Charlie's movie idea, they came pretty close. But the rest of the episode felt incomplete. Had they simply concentrated more on Mac and Charlie's doomed entry in the movie business, this one could've been a classic. But alas, Dee and Frank weren't given much to do, and what they did was predictable. And Dennis didn't care either way.

The premise was somewhat plausible: Dee got a featured role in the new M. Night Shyamalan film, which inspired Mac and Charlie to pitch their unwritten screenplay to the director famous for his twist endings. Meanwhile, Frank was flitting around carrying sausages in his pockets while Dennis absently texted his way throughout the episode.

Let's get the bad out of the way. To the surprise of no one, Dee's "featured" role was really just an extra gig, one that called for her to lie face-down on the ground as a corpse, covered in blood. And no matter how many times she ad-libbed her own M. Knight twist (like turning a film about war-torn Bosnia into a zombie flick to get more screentime), the assistant director shot her down and eventually fired her. The joke every week is that poor Dee has the worst luck ever, but that joke's getting stale. You could see her getting fired from this job a mile away, but they didn't do any more with the idea. In the realm of pathetic Dee stories, this one was pretty tame.

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Dec 11, 2009 2:00AM EST

Yeah, this one wasn't as good as i thought it would be either, still funny, just not as epic as the title made me think it would be. When I saw the title I thought is would rival the hilarious Mac and Charlie Die episode were they fake their deaths and leave a list of demands in lue of a will. I know it would have been difficult to get him, but I was really hopeful that they would show mac and charlie pitch the idea directly to m. knight. I thought it would be awesome if m.knight rejected their idea but then he steals it and turns it into his next big block buster, which starts a recuring mac and charlie vs m.knight rivalry.

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