Recap: "Sex and Violence"

Sex, violence, strippers and one seriously nasty siren all added up to one hell of a Sam-and-Dean smackdown.

"We used to be in this together. We used to have each other's backs."

It's no secret Sam and Dean have been traveling on different paths all season long. Since Dean got out of the pit, he's been in an angelic state of mind with the arrival of Castiel, Uriel and Anna. Meanwhile, Sam has been keeping company with demons; he's had sex with one and sent a bunch more back downstairs with his recently honed powers. We've seen the rift that has developed between the boys. Secrets, lies and omissions have changed their relationship for the worse. And in "Sex and Violence," Dean finally uttered what I think most of us have been thinking. It doesn't seem like they've been in this together for quite some time. The brothers used to talk in synch and play pranks on each other and pretty much shared one brain. Now, it has turned into just the opposite. Thankfully, this episode dealt with a lot of the bad blood that has long been festering between the brothers. And as much as I have loved all of Dean's confessional monologues while leaning against the Impala on the side of some road in the middle of nowhere, full-blown fights are much appreciated in getting the Winchesters' dirty laundry out in the open.

It all started with the most recent case: men have been murdering their wives even though they really didn't have a reason to do it. A quick call to Bobby and it's decided a siren is to blame. Apparently, strippers named after Disney princesses targeted these guys, and mesmerized them with their toxic call. Once they had the men under their spell, they made a simple request - they had to kill their significant other. And they did. All these strippers turned out to be one person. Was it Dr. Cara Roberts, the woman Sam flirted successfully with and then proceeded to have a one-night stand? Or was it Nick the federal agent who was "working" the same case as Sam and Dean? Nick was the culprit. And after he made friends with Dean, he made himself known. That whole scene in the car after Dean drank from the same flask as Nick was so creepy. In fact, everything from the car on was simply creep-tastic - especially when Nick told Dean he would be his little brother, and when he told Sam that Dean was all his.

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