Recap: "Generalissimo"

This week on NBC's 30 Rock, Liz grew Mad for the man next door, Jack tried to assassinate a Spanish general (in the name of love, mind you), and Tracy struggled to stay not-old. On with the recap!

Overall, this was a pretty strong episode, I thought - once you got past the fact that Jack has a Telemundo look-alike and that Liz would ever, ever be afforded a second chance. The way the Liz and Generalissimo storylines ran parallel to each other (with Lemon learning from the fictional tyrant's evil deeds) was clever, and led to a fun climax where one 30 Rocker came away satisfied, the other mortified.

From the top...

Due to errant mail delivery ("Im gonna say it - women should not deliver mail"), Liz learns a lot about the new pediatrician in her building (guest star Jon Hamm of Mad Men), and becomes a bit, well, obsessed with him. But what gal can blame Liz? Dr. Baird smells of frosting, loves baking, owns an ice cream maker and looks like a cartoon pilot. By every account, she and this guy should grow old and fat together

Liz, though, isn't a perfect fit for Drew, who's big into dogs as well as lots of "charity baloney." So Liz takes some cues from "Generalissmo," the arch villain from the telenovela favored by the abuela of Jack's girlfriend, Elisa. While Jack (through Sheinhardt Wigs' purchase of said sudser) struggles to find a way to kill off the general and thus endear him to Elisa's grammy, Liz studies his ways of persuasion and seduction. But being Liz, her execution sucks.

It even gets so bad that Jenna (!) is a voice of reason advising Liz against the extreme measures she is taking. (Example, the use of roofies: "Having been on both sides of that, I can say it's not a good idea.")

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