Recap: "Beat Your Heart Out"

The secrets at Seattle Grace are quickly mounting in this episode of Grey's Anatomy. Izzie secretly puts the interns to work on uncovering her health issues, Lexie's bursting at the seams to let everyone know about her and Mark, and Derek can't quite seem to keep a lid on the engagement chatter.

For starters, it looks like Meredith and Cristina are back to being best buds again. In fact, Cristina is back to reading her version of Harry Potter books: Mer's mom's diary. Among the new facts Cristina has managed to uncover is one juicy tidbit that indicated the Chief was planning on popping the question to Mer's mom. That just might explain why the Chief had so many grand suggestions for Derek on how to propose to Meredith.

Almost blowing Derek's secret is a pregnant patient by the name of Jen (Jennifer Westfeldt, who bares a striking resemblance to Lisa Kudrow), who accidentally ran her husband (Ben Shenkman) over with a truck. As it turns out, Jen's husband isn't the only one in need of medical attention when the mom-to-be suffers a seizure and doctors discover she has a brain aneurysm.

In other patient news, Warren (Peter MacKenzie) and his wife end up at Seattle Grace after a sexual experiment goes awry. I'm still not sure what he had stuck in his tushy tonight, but whatever the doctors removed sure did create a loud clang in the pan. Having said that, I'm now more intrigued than ever to know what suggestion No. 9 was in that magazine article!

One thing I was keeping track of tonight was how long it took for O'Malley to surface. For those of you not watching the clock, it was exactly 30 minutes. It's really a shame they haven't managed to do more for T.R. Knight's character, and I will certainly be sad to see him go if he does end up leaving this season.

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