'Warehouse 13' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap

One of the fun things about watching 'Warehouse 13' is catching all the fanboy-friendly jokes and pop culture references every episode has to offer. This ep was packed with 'em from start to finish.

Did ya notice the flux capacitor fluxing on H.G. Wells' time machine? Did ya rock out with Pete and Clauds during their air guitar salute to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure or laugh at Pete's Schwarzenegger impression ("Get your ass to Mars!")?

The show also offers a jumble of sci-fi movie and TV tropes -- mind control, rapid aging, and time travel in this ep -- but they feel fresh, fun and quirky thanks to the clever writing and the show's many surprise twists and turns.

But a series can't survive by delivering clever pop culture references and homages alone (unless that show is called 'Family Guy,' of course), and 'Warehouse 13' has plenty more to offer viewers willing to tag along for one strange trip after another.

This week's episode, 'When and Where,' delivered the usual supernatural mystery plot and sci-fi wackiness, but it also featured a great twist, some fine acting, and even a few poignant moments.

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Jul 21, 2011 11:12AM EDT

Yeah, the flux capacitor was a great touch.

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