HUNG ''The Middle East Is Complicated'' Review Season 2, Episode 7

It turns out I was not the only one that noticed Ray does not have any repeat customers. On HUNG The Middle East Is Complicated, after a friendly night with Lenore, she points out that Ray has no repeat business. His job, of course, is to take her latest new client and make a repeater out of her. Unfortunately, Ray's latest client doesn't appear happy with Ray's lack of knowledge of the middle east and his relationship with his neighbor who, in her opinion, is responsible for stealing hummus from Lebanon. The feelings become mutual when Ray's neighbor finds the client's hummus in his fridge and shrieks about Arabic hummus. Ray's inability to smooth it over as he has no idea what the problem is results in the client making him choose between her and the neighbor and the neighbor practically throwing the hummus at his head. Personally, I thought the client kind of overstepped her bounds. Who is she to say what Ray can do in his personal life? On the other hand, why doesn't Ray just lie and say he doesn't see the neighbor anymore? It is not like the client knows who he really is. This time.

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