'Ghost Whisperer' - 'On Thin Ice' Recap Season 5, Episode 17

What's happening to you, Damon? You are the haunted character of the week that Melinda and company try to help. Same old, same old. This week's installment of 'Ghost Whisperer' was pretty much a filler episode that didn't offer character or show mythology development. I know, I know, not every single episode can move the year's main storylines along.

Luckily, the culprit of the week was not that easy to pinpoint and the comic book theme was pretty cool, especially when the last shot before each commercial was comic-book panel style. Sadly, these cool tidbits were overshadowed by a really badly done fantasy sequence.

Let's deal with the fantasy/vision sequence during which Melinda and the town turn into comics and she sees Shane under the iced lake. If that was really supposed to be a comic book sequence, the show really did a poor job. It looked more like a "Second Life" type of sequence. Melinda looked so weird in that sequence; it felt like they superimposed a real image of Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cartoon version of Melinda.

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