Review: The Venture Bros. - The Better Man Season 4, Episode 7

Wow. And wow again. Not only did we actually get closure on a few issues that had the potential to drag on forever (Archie and Betty/Veronica style), but we got one the best episodes of the season. I carefully considered whether my love for the Order of the Triad was making me a bit biased, but I honestly think this episode was a perfect example of advancing characters without sacrificing the comedy that made us fall in love with The Venture Bros. in the first place.

Also, they introduced the hottest VB lady yet, and I dare anyone to try and convince me otherwise.

The episode started with some sorely missed characters, Dr. Orpheus, Jefferson Twilight and The Alchemist, battling the Torrid-summoned Cthulhu, so, right there, it's already obvious a fantastic episode is about to unravel. Then, introducing the ever-dreamy Outrider (Al: "He's adorable! I panicked") in a sweeping heroic movement only to reveal he was the man that stole Orpheus's wife set my brain and my heart alight. Considering how much backstory for every other character there was in the last season, we've waited too long for some sort of development on Orpheus's background story.

Of course, Orpheus's Master got involved, taking on the form of Orpheus's ex-wife to teach him a lesson. The ex, Tatiana, is a ridiculously attractive sorceress and the Master makes sure Orpheus doesn't forget her natural C-cups or her ass that still thinks it's 1992, so that entire conversation was perfection. Now, let's take a second to thank whatever supernatural entity is responsible for H. Jon Benjamin, and thank Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick for getting him to play the Master. Perfect casting and guaranteed gold whenever he is onscreen.

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