LEVERAGE ''The Underground Job'' Review Season 3, Episode 10

The LEVERAGE team takes down a greedy and corrupt mine CEO and the attorney general in his pocket in The Underground Job episode. Two years after a mine explosion, one of the miner supervisors asks Nate for help because none of the $500,000 the government gave mine CEO Dan Blackwell for safety measures has actually gone to the mine. Blackwell used it to buy an attorney general instead. The team decides to sell Blackwell his own mine by making him think it contains valuable coltan, but the plan goes off track when the attorney general, Debra Pierce, won’t let Blackwell use her PAC money and he must use the mine’s payroll instead. Since he has to shut down the mine, he might as well blow it up, too, so the team has to hustle to save the mine and get Blackwell’s confession.

This is a solid episode with a good, well-explained con, and unlike recent episodes, the only mistake the team makes is to underestimate Blackwell and Pierce`s greed. Nate and Sophie work especially well together in this episode, especially when they need to ad lib. We’re going to convince him you’re a lying, greedy bitch. Love Nate’s sneering at Blackwell as he plays Bob Gibson, big city would-be mine owner and Sophie’s barely concealed disgust at Blackwell’s contempt for his workers.

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