'Smallville' - 'Escape' Recap Season 9, Episode 15

Six more episodes remain in this season, and tonight we got some advancement in the Lois/Clark relationship, plus some sort of relationship between Chloe and Oliver which remains vague. But then, if relationships on television weren't fluid, they'd be far more boring.

When we last left the show, Zod had obtained his Kryptonian powers from Clark's blood. Now, instead of one of the 'Saw' movies, the episode has become an 80's horror flick with Silver Banshee becoming the equivalent of Freddy or Jason (or perhaps one of the 'Leprechaun' movies, if you want to keep with the same Irish heritage as the Banshee).

Zod's cell phone was running Windows. We have our proof that he is evil. No surprise that Tess has Kryptonite on hand since Lex probably had a ton of the stuff lying around. Why didn't she get superpowers from exposure? Or have the producers decided to abandon that aspect of the show?

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