Ugly Betty Cancellation Buzz Update: Could This Be the Last of Betty? - Featured

Sounds like trouble for Ugly Betty and its fans, because the end may soon be approaching for the series. Ratings are crumbling thanks to Fridays, deeply worrying the powers that be. E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos has revealed that insiders from the set believe that this season could be the final one for our favorite brace-faced heroine. Could it be true?

According to an insider, ABC has been working really hard to save the show. There was even the thought of moving it to Wednesdays. However, if there's just no other way to boost those ratings, Ugly Betty might just get canceled in May next year.

With that terrifyingly impending thought in mind, the people behind the show have to consider several factors. One of which is how to wrap up the story neatly.

A source told Dos Santos, "The writers have accepted that this season may be the last and are brainstorming endings now, just in case. The big question is: Who will Betty end up with? The writers room is deeply divided."

Apparently, there are three contenders in this game of romance. First off is Gio (Freddy Rodriguez), then Daniel (Eric Mabius) and finally Henry (Christopher Gorham). Oddly enough, there was no mention of Matt (Daniel Eric Gold). Is his love triangle angle going to lean towards Amanda's side?

The insiders went on to hint that that storyline will be heating up even more. There's going to be a fabulous Fashion Week episode focusing on Betty and Amanda (Becki Newton), which will surely be an exciting turn of events.

It's definitely no time to give up on Ugly Betty now, especially with what's lined up for season 6. The sources say there's going to be an episode reminiscent of the film Run Lola Run, which I really enjoyed, as well as the Bahamas episode we've all been waiting for. Surely Shakira and Christie Brinkley's appearances would be able to raise those ratings up a bit.

The writers are certainly working hard to keep Betty alive. It's like one of those operating room scenes wherein the patient's lifeline is barely there. The question now is, will the doctors be able to revive this dying show and give it another chance? Those die-hard fans better help out with the ratings, because the future looks bleak for Ugly Betty.

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