GOSSIP GIRL ''Touch of Eva'' Review Season 4, Episode 4

What did you think of tonight's episode of Gossip Girl? OMG. Did Chuck just declare war on Blair?? I LOVE this show!

Nate:Quit being so dumb Nate! I'm sick of watching him get played like a cheap fiddle. Juliet is so crazy, what do you think she could be up to? Is she out to get Serena or the whole group?

Dan and Vanessa: What did you think when Vanessa staged an intervention with Lily and Rufus to confront Dan on his post-Milo depression? I can see both sides to this one. Dan obviously made a poor choice having Vanessa move in with him - but he was also in the middle of Milo-craziness when he agreed to it. Now that his life is getting normal again he's starting to realize what he wants, unfortunately it's not Vanessa. However, I do think Dan could have handled the situation better. He should have broke things off with Vanessa before trying to start things up with Serena (who isn't even sure of her feelings for Dan).

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