Dexter: Now that Lundy's Back, Will Deb Stay with Anton?

If there's anything controversial about Deb Morgan, it's her love life. She hasn't exactly been lucky when it comes to relationships, having dated a doctor who turned out to be the Ice Truck Killer in the first season, and falling for an FBI director who's old enough to be her father in season 2. Last season, however, Deb developed a romantic relationship with Anton Riggs (David Ramsay), a pot-smoking guitarist who served as a confidential informant (CI) for Detective Joey Quinn, and it looks like he's sticking around when Dexter returns for its fourth season on September 27 on Showtime.

So does this mean Deb will finally get her happy ending with Anton? Not exactly, according to Deb's portrayer, Jennifer Carpenter. "You'll see her move out of the shadow of Harry and unplug certain cords that don't fit with Dexter, and every move she makes will be about herself," she explained at Comic-Con. "I don't know if she will be happy in the end, but it will be the most authentic she's been."

And though it would be nice to see her in an actual stable relationship for once, something tells me that Deb will be facing a few hurdles in the way, including the return of Keith Carradine's Frank Lundy, who arrives in town to help with the Trinity Killer case. I bet even if Deb's already dating Anton, whose relationship is going to "very interesting places," she's bound to recall some of those unresolved feelings she has for Lundy, who left her after Doakes' case was considered closed to move on to find another serial killer in Oregon. And considering that their breakup wasn't really bitter, there's probably going to be undeniable tension between these two characters.

Who should Deb choose between Anton and Lundy? Or is Debra better off alone?

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