One Tree Hill: Who Will Clayton Be Paired With?

When One Tree Hill returns for its seventh season, all eyes are on Robert Buckley's Clayton, a handsome sports agent who works alongside Nathan. Besides a few shirtless scenes, there's a lot in store for this Tree Hill newcomer who is described as a rising star at his agency who enjoys all the perks available to a young, wealthy and attractive single guy such as himself.

Obviously, Clayton is bound to break some hearts, and since he only has a handful of episodes under his belt, Buckley tells Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that his alter ego has already "been kissed by pretty much every female character on the show. He's a little bit of a playboy."

So who will Clayton be paired with on One Tree Hill? Or better yet, who won't he be paired with romantically? Below I've listed the possible characters that will cross path with the show's new resident womanizer.

Rachel Gattina (Danneel Harris) - Let's face it, Rachel isn't the demure type of girl. In fact, she's flirty, promiscuous and manipulative, and I wouldn't be surprised if she makes the first move on Clayton.

Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) - What brings Quinn to Tree Hill? A wounded heart! She probably hasn't recovered from her last heartache but it's only a matter of time before she bumps into Clayton. After all, she's Hayley's older sister so it's even easier for their paths to cross!

Alexis (Jana Kramer) - As the new face of Clothes Over Bros., Alexis is sure to turn a few heads and I'm hoping that includes Clayton's. Based on her character's description, she's a smart party girl ---which could be a perfect match for Clayton's personality.

Miranda Stone (India de Beaufort) - Another potential love interest for Clayton is Miranda, a smart and successful record executive. And considering that she serves as Peyton's replacement, the idea of pairing her with Lucas' substitute isn't that far fetched.

As for the rest of the female characters on One Tree Hill, I'm hoping that Brooke stays with Julian, Haley remains faithful to Nathan and Millicent sticks with Mouth.

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