True Blood: Godric's Exit Delivers Emotional Punch

True Blood fans were hoping that episode 9 would put an end to Maryann's wicked schemes but it only paved the exit for yet another character. Godric, who's considered the oldest vampire in New World and who has only been around for four episodes, committed suicide by sunlight to atone for his sins. Clearly, there were "centuries of faith and love between" Godric and Eric, and it's unfortunate that we've only seen a fraction of his so-called greatness.

True Blood has always been successful when it comes to building up mystery and suspense but it can also rouse emotions whenever the action slows down and seeing Eric weep for his maker just added that extra punch. While Godric's ending was beautiful and peaceful, I have to admit that there were other things far more intriguing in this episode.

On the top of my list was the tension between Bill, Sookie and Eric. After a wounded Eric played Sookie for a fool by convincing her to suck out the silver bullets from his body, and in a way ingesting some of his blood, Bill later revealed that Eric will now be capable of sensing her feelings, and that she may start to become attracted to Eric sexually. But even if Bill hadn't explained that, the metaphor for receiving a sexual favor from Sookie was all too obvious. Then there was Sookie's sexual dream about Eric, which made it crystal clear that this love triangle is about to get even more complicated. And as much as I would want Sookie to end up with Bill, I can't help but see how much fascinating Eric is compared to Bill, who becomes less charming as he takes the back seat on the show.

As for the rest of the episode, Maryann's increasing power over Tara and Eggs hit the roof while Sam escaped prison by turning into a fly and seemingly found refuge with Andy. Overall, it was a very satisfying episode.

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Default avatar cat
Aug 18, 2009 8:24PM EDT

great episode.What I find intruiging is that Bill had to tell about the power of Erics blood, the power of any vampire's blood. This is also a sorts of confession. Everyone around Sookie has expressed concerns about dating a vampire, but Sookie remained sure of herself. But now, how can she stay sure that her feelings for Bill are true. After all she has drank Bill's blood from very early on in the series.How would it feel if you knew your feelings for a person were (at the least) hightened by a supernatural intervention.
The scene with Godric was the best. I found it very realistic in a way. Wouldn't there be a point in life where you have simply seen it and had enough of it? After 2000 years? How culturally astranged from the world around you can you get. I think that's why i find Erics character so interesting too.
They could've thrown in some brutal action in this episode, but i prefer what they chose instead
keep it coming! ^^

Default avatar cat
Aug 19, 2009 1:28AM EDT

I agree Griphus...after Bill's explanation/confession, I thought about the effect of Sookie drinking his blood shortly after they met (and several times since). I mean, she was intrigued by him (with him not having thoughts and all) and may have grown to love him anyway, but understanding that the blood intensified (or perhaps, created) her deep feelings for him kind of changes the dynamics of their relationship from one with two willing participants choosing to be together, to one with a manipulator and the manipulated. In that sense, how is the burgeoning relationship with Eric any different? Even if it was not Bill's intention to manipulate her, he knew the consequences of her drinking his blood and did not make her aware of them beforehand (from what I recall).
I agree with the review: Sookie w/Eric fascinates me, sad to see Godrick go, but it was beautiful and peaceful, and overall, a satisfying episode. I'm with you Griphus...I'm glad they chose the "heartstrings" approach with this's probably the calm before the storms taking place in next week's epi.

Default avatar cat
Aug 23, 2009 7:15PM EDT

I would definitely prefer to see Sookie and Eric's relationship. While i found Bill fascinating and hot at the beginning Eric is a far better plot line to follow. I would hate for all this tension to lead to a cookie cutter 'well i slept with eric but really love bill scenario'
True blood is not an ordinary show and the writers should really push the boundaries for this relationship and not have the heroin (Sookie) end up with the love interest she started the show with. After all Eric seems to have always held a special interest for Sookie, despite the fact that he can have anyone he wants.
This is where Bill and Eric differ. Bill is more of a gentleman who seems to hold the 'one women at a time relationship' credo pretty strong. Whereas Eric is a womanizing Viking to say the least and yet he is obsessing over Sookie and feels protective of her (to an extent)
PLEASE TRUE BLOOD. Don't take the easy way out and have a happy ending, create drama and keep Sookie and Eric together. Bill is old news and a bit boring. Plus is it just me or do Sookie and Bill seem to be loosing their chemistry??? Maybe I am just trying to see what I want to. :)

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