'Life Unexpected' Recap: No Dress Shoes for Lux

You didn't think it's just Cate (Shiri Appleby) who'll do horribly in this whole parenting thing, did you? To balance things off on Life Unexpected, there's got to be an episode where Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) will screw up royally, and that's just what happened on "Formal Reformed." We also found out where Cate's kind of unlikable personality stems from (think horrible high school experience), though that doesn't excuse the annoying voice.

On tonight's episode, Cate and Ryan (Kerr Smith) are still doing the show, making snide remarks and pretending that they're together. It's creepy how well Ryan can switch from sweet banter to icy I-hate-you-b-tch in zero seconds. Ryan is pretty much absent on this episode, since it's all about the past.

The doesn't-Abercrombie-have-a-girlfriend situation was finally cleared, while Jones was helping Lux (Britt Robertson) out with her bike. He also casually asked her to the Winter Formal, and Lux's first reaction: "I'd rather eat paste." When she realized he wasn't kidding, she actually said yes.

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