Who Caused Elena's Accident on 'The Vampire Diaries'? Episode 10

The Vampire Diaries closed out the first half of the season with plenty of turning points. Stefan and Elena finally had sex, Damon learned that there's someone else trying to open Katherine's tomb, and most shocking of all, Elena was in a horrific car accident.

While driving away from Stefan after learning she looks exactly like Katherine, his former lover, she encountered a shadowy figure in the middle of the road and flipped her car about 23 times. Miraculously, she remained conscious after the trauma, but the real bad news came when she saw the person she hit put his or her bones back into place and walked ominously towards Elena.

Who is this mystery character? That's the million dollar question, but since I don't believe in coincidences on The Vampire Diaries, I'm going to assume it's also the same person who turned Logan and who knows how to open Katherine's tomb. Right now, if it's someone we already know, I have five primary suspects.

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Default avatar cat
Nov 20, 2009 8:52PM EST

I have a feeling it's another vampire or even Katherine herself who has come back to claim the two brothers. I just can't swallow the story of her sitting down in the tomb. I have a feeling she escaped...
The figure does look like a guy so I have no idea. And by the way is the principles son (I forget his name) the one who also dated Vicky. Is he a werwolf because that full moon shot after the scene when Jeremy said "What's your problem?" and he responded with "I don't know" was pretty damn ominous. Hmmm....

Nov 21, 2009 4:08AM EST

whiteca I was thinking the same thing about that guy and maybe him being a werewolf. The person I think caused the accident is the person that turned the journalist guy. The person was guy shaped for sure.

Default avatar cat
Nov 21, 2009 7:57AM EST

I think it was one hell of an ending. Can't wait for season 2!!
Elena is such an irony. I mean, shouldn't the mind of the human be more simple to read than that of the vampire? She's so twisted and confused and has so many personality conflicts within herself, sometimes it's hard to keep up with her manic-ness.I mean, it's bad enough that Stefan had to be turned into a vampire by another psycho who looked exactly like her and now he has to endure the 21st century Katherine too?Give the guy a little break.So he didn't tell her every crucial detail of his 162 years of existence. Even real couples cant possibly find out everything about each other. But that doesn't entitle her to run away like a complete freak , right after they have had sex for the first time, for crying out loud!! It ruined the moment for me as a viewer because Cut is such a brilliant song.
I havn't read the books but i'm guessing it's Damon who turns Elena into a vampire.Because obviously he assumes that Stefan must have staked Logan, who was going to show him Katherine's Crypt.I love Damon a.k.a. Ian Somerhalder! He looks like he's edible! I love his character , and the pure genius who created him.The real world fights wars in the name of religion,killing thousands everyday; at least he's just doing what Vampires do.He's a wonderful mix of polar opposites-shallow and deep, good and evil, powerful yet vulnerable.He's a case study.Remember when he runs his fingers down Elena's cheek?Or the time he takes away Jeremy's pain?
Apart from Damon and Stefan, the character that should be showed more often is Jeremy.I've seen Papillon and simply loved Steve McQueen!! It would be a treat to see his great grandson exploiting his acting genius! He looks quite promising too.Jenna is a feeble character along with the town sheriff, Tyler and Caroline. They should've kept Vicki and killed Caroline.And Bonnie is simply not witchy enough. I liked Lexi, she made Stefan smile. It's hard to find decent pics of Paul Wesley smiling.Lexi would have been interesting. There could have been a showdown between her and Katherine!or even Elena , because i cannot stand NIna Dobrev or her character!!!!!!
A great show overall. I would like for it to be picked up for another season.A request to the writers: please don't add versions of twilight to it. Paul Wesley is such a deep character, and i would hate for him to acquire aspects of Robert Pattinson.I love Twilight and Edward, and the whole world can hate me for saying this but Rob doesn't do justice to Edward. Keep it as original as true blood is! Members are welcome to comment on this. Thanks guys!

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Nov 21, 2009 5:09PM EST

I have a feeling it's Tyler. He's supposed to be a werewolf after all.

Default avatar cat
Nov 22, 2009 8:01AM EST

well its definately not katherine who cause the crash. she wouldnt be wearing baggy jeans and sweater after just emerging from the 19th century.
and if tyler does turn out to be a werewolf i am going to scream in agony. TOO MUCH TWILIIIGHT.

Nov 22, 2009 2:55PM EST

I completely agree that this is Klaus. This character is the only one to have a significant interest in freeing Katherine other than Damon and he also is a lot more powerful. If anyone could pull it off? it would be him. I think it will be a total riot to see the look on Stephan's face if Klaus turns Elena... Of course, the look on Klaus's face will be better when she pwns him. *laugh*
As for the case of it being a new character? This is episode ten out of an extended season one run... so basically we are half way through and so episode eleven is definitely the time to bring in any new characters.
Tyler may, or may not, be a werewolf because they have already significantly deviated from the story in the series of novels. I am just suggesting people keep an open mind.

Default avatar cat
Nov 23, 2009 9:10AM EST

don't even compare this to twilight...read the books! :) the beginning of this series was written in the 90s, way before twilight was thought up. Yes in the books Tyler turns into a werewolf, but the stories lines have changed quite a bit, so who knows whats going to happen!

Nov 27, 2009 9:47AM EST

they said Damon and Stefan's father is coming into the picture so it could be him

Nov 27, 2009 9:55AM EST

yeah & obvisiously that Tyler guy is a werewolf thats how it was in the book

Dec 3, 2009 5:20AM EST

well according to me this new vampire is the history teacher saltzman....and he wants to open the door to katherine....and i cant wait till january...im reading the book...does any1 knw how many books vampire diaries have.....one or many more like twilight. then new moon, then exlipse and breaking dawn,...is there aseries of books or just one,,,,,,

Default avatar cat
Dec 11, 2009 10:39PM EST

I believe its a vampire thats stronger then stefan damon and katherine put together, hes name is Kluas and he will be a new character. If you read the 4th book you would know who he is, hes the ultimate vampire with electric blue eyes

Jan 2, 2010 12:53AM EST

You all making these books sound real interesting dread. I better take a read. I totally agree with Vashuda17. Elena needs to die...or become a vampire...for the sake of my sanity. When I see this show dread, I really cant help but compare Elena to Bella....they both whine and cry a lot. If they didnt make Stefan and Edward happy....really....kill them off yes. I like Bonnie. Every show needs a resident ditz. The witch? Please....what kinda lameass witch couldnt realise that the ghost needed help. Is not she that was embracing the whole witchiness with excitement? Steups. Damon should have killed her. Lexi was awesome. She would have been fun to play with.

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