How I Met Your Mother: Will Barney and Robin Make it as a Couple?

It's an odd pairing but the Barney and Robin tandem has become even more popular than How I Met Your Mother's main mystery arc. So as the show heads to its fifth season, fans are left wondering what's become of these two characters now that Barney has professed his love for Robin, which she then reciprocates during the fourth season ender.

Even if you haven't been reading our How I Met Your Mother spoilers, I'm sure you already have an idea of what's in store for Barney and Robin for season 5. After everything that's happened, these two have reached the point of no return and will likely continue what they started. It's irreversible, after all. But the question remains: Can they really make it as a couple?

It sure would be interesting to find out. So far, Barney has only been in one serious relationship ---the one that drove him to become a suit-wearing womanizer. And since then, he's also never entertained the idea of settling down let alone staying in a committed relationship. Robin, on the other hand, has had her share of commitment issues but at least, she's proven that she can stay in a relationship. After seeing Robin date Ted, seeing her with Barney will be like exploring undiscovered territory.

While the idea of Robin dating Barney alone fuels so many questions, it also poses concerns for the rest of the characters of How I Met Your Mother. And Carter Bays tells Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that it will "have repercussions for everyone," particularly Ted. "We're exploring how Ted deals with the fact that his ex-girlfriend and best friend are now dating. And we'll see how Marshall and Lily deal with the fact that there's another couple in the group. It's giving us a lot of juice for the first half of the season."

What will now happen to Barney's legendary laws and principles? Will he be able to apply them if he's in a relationship with Robin? And will he still be interesting? I guess we'll only find out when How I Met Your Mother returns on Monday, September 21 on CBS.

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Aug 19, 2009 2:13AM EDT

septembers a long time to wait for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.... in the meantime, lets watch other series, & hope september comes quickly.... can't hardly wait for the new season....

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