It's All a Blur for 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'

Censorship is always been a big deal, but these days practically everything's messed up so sometimes the whole issue's gone to hell. It may be a peculiar move to use it on such a family-oriented show like TLC's Jon & Kate plus 8 though. Still, it's all because of Jon Gosselin.

The dad of eight got the blur attack from TLC, as the network has decided not to completely show all brand logos the guy wears on the show. Radar Online reports that his beloved Ed Hardy tees aren't supported by the series execs.

It all began last week, when the network heads have established the policy to blur Jon's clothing logos. Sounds like business won't be going up for the guy any time soon. The Gosselin patriarch might be endorsing his way to fame, but he's not getting much encouragement.

"TLC feels like they are being used by Jon," an insider revealed. "They want to send him a message loud and clear."

The source went on to describe how things have been between the Gosselin and the network. "The relationship between Jon and the network has become very strained."

Even though Jon's certainly doing all he can for business to pick up, we can only hope he's trying his best for the eight children depending on him. If Kate Gosselin can no longer hold down the fort, who do you think they'll call in to help? Oh wait, they have the nanny that he supposedly spent the night with.

Recently, Kate Gosselin unleashed more fury at her ex-husband when he refused to let her into the house. The police were called one night after a heated argument broke out between the Gosselin parents.

Apparently, Kate showed up at the house during Jon's time with the kids. He wouldn't open the door for her, making her upset. Another reason why she was enraged was because he had Stephanie Santoro babysit their children.

The 23-year-old Santoro was someone he hired, a cocktail waitress and single mom who's also hoping to be a model. Kate didn't approve of the nanny and stormed the house to let Jon know about it. Since it was on his night and not hers, he refused her entry.

When authorities arrived, they were told to settle the matter between themselves. Kate headed to a nearby Days Inn hotel for the night, and it looks as though the matter remains as blurry as Jon's Ed Hardy shirts on TV.

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