Geoff Johns: The JSA Will Return to 'Smallville' Soon

The success of "Absolute Justice" is bound to spawn more stories about the Justice Society of America on Smallville, and here it is. Acclaimed comic writer Geoff Johns has revealed to fans that the team really will return to the series and it's sooner than we think. With the show nearing its tenth season, will there be time to squeeze in these guys?

Apparently, there is. During the Emerald City Comic-Con, Geoff Johns divulged the exciting news. Comics Alliance reports on the several controversial issues recently tackled in the comics business, and one of them is Smallville.

Eventually, talk shifted to the Justice Society of America and their TV counterparts. Geoff Johns was quoted saying, "They do appear again at the end of season on Smallville. The hope is for every DC character to appear outside the comic books. Correctly."

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