Recap: "Dead Is Dead"

Namaste, y'all! Wednesday's episode of Lost tells the story of Ben's atonement for his many sins, but one in particular: causing the death of his "daughter," Alex. We learn how Alex parted company with her mother, Danielle Rousseau, and came to live with Ben, what caused the bad blood between Ben and Widmore and what exactly the good-ol' smoke monster considers a fair punishment for Ben's ethically dubious nature - and how that punishment affects the newly resurrected John Locke. As usual, I've shuffled the narrative for easier deciphering.

In Ye Olde Hostiletown, circa 1977

A dashing fellow with flowing locks arrives on horseback, and he has a bone to pick with Richard Alpert, and it's not about his choice of eyeliner, but the fact that the Hostiles are currently convalescing young Benjamin Linus, a member of the Dharma Initiative. Alpert silences his protests with a "Jacob wanted it done," which always seems to work. Lord Silkylocks introduces himself to the boy - who doesn't want to go back to live with his dad - as Charles Widmore. Thump!

Some years later - it's hard to judge the year by the possum Michael Emerson is sporting on his noggin - we see Ben and a bloodthirsty young Ethan Rom (hey, why is his last name Rom and not Goodspeed? And why is he running Hostile errands with Ben? Is this post-Purge?) spying on poor, crazy Danielle Rousseau. Ben confronts her, and is startled to learn that she has a baby. He takes the baby without blinking an eye and warns her to run the other way every time she hears whispers. No wonder Danielle is more unhinged than Desmond's hatch door.

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