'Persons Unknown' - 'The Edge' Recap Season 1, Episode 2

The character of Blackham -- the clear jerk of the group of people trapped in the 'Persons Unknown' small town -- had an interesting theory in tonight's episode, even if he was mostly kidding. What if this is some reality show?

If you think about it, this show is pretty much set up like 'Big Brother' or 'Survivor': a bunch of strangers are thrown into a situation together in a particular place. 'Big Brother' has a house, 'Survivor' has an island and this show has a deserted town.

It's sort of the ultimate reality show, really. People who are truly trapped in a place, away from their families, and can probably really die at any moment (as far as we know). I'm wondering when -- or if -- some of these characters will start dying, or are they just being tested/experimented on in some way? When Janet got the gun I thought it was going to turn out to have blanks in it so she wouldn't actually kill Joe if she decided to use it. But then we saw that she shot the camera instead, a twist you probably saw coming the minute they showed her aiming the gun and then a close-up of the camera (a second obvious thing happened later when the butterfly was zapped in the invisible fence), so those were real bullets so this really is life and death we're playing with here.

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