Recap: "Acting Like a Model"

It's time for the commercial challenge on Top Model! This cycle, Tyra is pulling out all the stops by bringing her best bud and American Idol alum Clay Aiken to teach the girls a thing or two about acting. After shooting a cosmetics commercial, Aiken serves as guest judge to decide which model will get sent home.

After the obligatory catfight at the house - this time between Aminat and Natalie - the girls head out to Harlem Stage Theater where they are greeted by Paulina. They are given a stage-acting exercise with partners, and it's pretty clear a lot of them need work. The girls are then given scripts and asked show off what they learned. But Paulina has a little surprise: It's Clay Aiken, who will act alongside them as a designer sizing up each girl during their go-sees.

London wins the challenge, and gets $5,000 of cloths from Joe's Jeans. When she claims her prize, we learn she's "struggling with weight" because she's packed on some pounds. Where, I'm not sure, but clearly it's making her so self-conscious that she doesn't even want to try on her clothes.

The girls head off for their photo shoot where last cycle's McKey is there to introduce them to the CoverGirl product they'll be selling (which sounds like a bad commercial in itself). The girl isn't the best at delivering lines, but you have to admit, she looks amazing these days. The models are tasked with breaking into two groups and filming the commercial together, with each one taking a turn as the "lead."

Group one is Teyona, Celia, Aminat and Celia. Celia does really well, and Clay loves the way she creates a character. Teyona is a bit squinty on film, but get her lines out. Tyra calls Allison's commercial "punishment," which is a double whammy after she gets chastised for wearing the same outfit twice to panel. Clay, however, looks on the bright side and said it was the loudest she's been yet. Aminat chops the endings of her words off ("the makeup you choo" vs. "choose").

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Default avatar cat
Apr 9, 2009 12:59PM EDT

I was curious as to why Clay Aiken was on the show. Is he looking for a new baby momma? Are he and Tyra really that close? Isn't he known for singing? Why was he judging the acting class? I would have much rather endured another episode with Benny Nija than with Clay Aiken. I was so confused.
But I do have to say that the right girl went home this time. And acutally I wouldn't have been too surprised if Tyra had given both Alison and Taliah home. She's been known to on occasion get rid the bottom two at once and I really wondered if she might give both of them the axe.
I don't see how Celia can loose this thing. The only wild card is whether she can keep her mouth shut and stay out of everyone's business long enough to win it. I don't know that she has much competition yet.

Default avatar cat
Apr 9, 2009 7:44PM EDT

i thought it was meant to be a two hour special??

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