Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Oh Boy! for Kourtney

That's it for the surprise. Kourtney Kardashian has finally decided to find out about the sex of her baby, and E! Online reports that she's getting a baby boy this holiday season. The pregnant star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami has confirmed the happy news at last.

"A boy is definitely needed in this family!" Kourtney told the publication. Let's just hope the kids aunts aren't all set to glam up the kid that quick.

"Scott and I are thrilled to add a little boy to the bunch," the reality show star went on. "Bruce and Rob told me it would be a boy the whole time!"

One reason why she thought it was time to find out the baby's gender is all the gifts she's been receiving for her child. "I'm starting to get presents from people, and really, how many yellow outfits do I need?" she exclaimed.

Well, whatever the boy's wearing, we're pretty sure this is going to be one sweet kid. Kourtney just can't stay away from the cupcakes these days, which is supposedly her primary preggo craving. According to Contact Music and the star's Twitter page, she might just need rehab for packing on the sugary treats. Her current food obsession is from the Hollywood store Famous Cupcakes, where she and her family were spotted last week.

"Honestly it's worth the LBs," Kourtney Kardashian posted on her Twitter. "Those famous cupcakes are sooooo addicting. I need rehab! LOL Immm obsessed!"

Unfortunately, the cupcakes aren't making it any easier for daddy Scott. He's been the victim of Kourtney's mood swings lately, and he's just taking it all in. Hopefully, having a son will open the guy's eyes to responsibility.

"I throw b***h fits," Kourtney admitted. "The other day, I was like, 'This house is such a mess! Now that Scott's living in my house, there's stuff everywhere! We need to get it organised!' Everything I had to do, I blamed it on Scott."

Well, maybe things will look up once the baby gets here. Just as long as the dad doesn't bolt out of the house like he usually does.

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