Fringe: "Grey Matters" Review Season 2, Episode 10

Previews for the last Fringe episode of 2009 promised a thrilling return to the main mythology that makes the show so compelling. Those promises were kept, and then some! In one of the most balanced and well-executed episodes of the series, Fringe fans get action, suspense, emotion, and best of all, some revelations!

The story starts with an action-packed break-in at a medical facility, which leads us to a poor man getting his brain fiddled with while he's still awake, invoking unpleasant memories of Hannibal Lecter eating a live man's brains.

The Fringe team comes to investigate, and we find that the victim of the impromptu brain surgery used to be insane, but he's all better now. Walter has some experience in insanity, so he takes up the task of figuring out what happened. The story goes on a strange, literal trip into Walter's brain, and his past.

This episode gives us a number of notable gifts, including the first active appearance of our new "villain," and his name is Thomas Jerome Newton (which is most probably just an alias, but it's all we have for now). The Fringe writers seem to have a penchant for 3-name bad guys (David Robert Jones was the first). This guy (we'll call him T.J.) is cunning, cruel, and absolutely determined to accomplish his goal.

T.J. is going around making insane people sane by removing foreign brain matter that someone else put in there. That revelation is interesting enough by itself, but when we find out that Walter was a victim of this odd procedure too, the proverbial other shoe drops.

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