Interview: Yasmin Giles of 'Survivor: Samoa'

Though many viewers were outraged when Ben belittled Yasmin Giles for her grammar, few would deny that she had a unique perspective. The 33 year old former hairstylist from Detroit had a penchant for bringing conversations to a standstill on Survivor: Samoa. Whether she was teaching her Foa Foa opponents how to strategize, or justifying her decision not to help out around camp, Yasmin was full of surprises.

She brought something valuable to a show often accused of casting a homogenous pool of contestants. Whether you were charmed or irritated by her unapologetic directness, you're sure to notice her absence when Survivor: Samoa resumes Thursday.

In our slightly-delayed interview, I asked Yasmin directly whether Ben was a racist, and whether she had proved her theory that her 'real and raw' honesty would draw high praise from the other contestants. She told me who was really calling the shots at Galu, and what was up with rocket scientist John.

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