'Big Brother 11' Feed Update: The Battle Between the Tattooed Lady and the Blackanese Gay Guy

The tension finally erupted between Lydia and Kevin, who have been BFFs since the premiere of this season of Big Brother. Over the weekend, these two got on each other's nerves and started a yelling match. Does that mean there will no longer be a Duckie to her Andie?

Since the argument concerns the PoV competition, here be an alert to you, wary audiences. Possible spoilers below!

The Tattooed Lady and the Blackanese graphic designer are trying to chill in the recycle room, but the cold suddenly gets a warm spell. As they discuss game, the topic falls on Kevin winning the PoV competition. With Lydia on the block, everyone thinks he'll use it on her. Unfortunately, he has other things on his mind. Like, not using PoV.

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