V: "Red Sky" Review Episode 12

Wow. It's been a bit of a rough and messy ride throughout this first season of V, but the show was beginning to look stronger of late. And the season finale was excellent, delivering some true shocks and surprises and making the wait for Season 2 suddenly seem agonizing.

You should know better if you haven't seen the episode yet, but suffice to say, full spoilers follow.

Where to start? This was a damn busy episode after all. Well, let me just get out of the way a couple of criticisms - don't worry, plenty of praise to come. This episode definitely had some cheesy moments, which tend to occur in this series here and there. There are times where the CGI interiors to the spaceship really feel false, and when Joshua was running around shooting Vs, the less than amazing FX of both the ship and the Vs disintegrating gave it a slightly goofy feel. Also, it's hard not to be a bit bemused by hearing that a weapon is called the Blue Energy Grenade (also the name of my favorite sports drink). Better to not give the weapon a name at all than make poor Laura Vandervoort say Blue Energy Grenade with a straight face - twice.

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