Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 9 - Road Trip

Dawson is staring out the window of his bedroom looking sad. Joey tells him to get over it and get over Jen and he tells her everything reminds him of her. She asks how that can be since he only knew her for three months. He and Joey continue arguing for a few minutes but they eventually sit down to watch a movie. Joey turns the movie on and there is Jen. Dawson puts his pillow over his face.

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Grams walks into Jen's room and finds Billy lyng on Jen's bed. Jen is as surprised as Grams but Grams tells her she needs to talk to her. Billy tells Jen he heard about her and Dawson and decided to stick around. She tells him she's not getting back together with him and sends him away.

On the way to school Dawson runs into Billy. Billy convinces Dawson to come with him to a bar to meet women citing there are other women out there for both of them.

On the way to school Warren, a football player, stops to ask Joey if she wants a ride to school. She puts him off at first but then agrees to take the ride. On the way Warren starts to hit on Joey and she tells him she may be a virgin but it's by choice.

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