Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 10 - Double Date

Joey tries to help Dawson get over Jen and prepare for the fact that she might start dating again.

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Mitch and Gail are in the kitchen having breakfast when the phone rings. Gail tells whoever it is she will talk to them at the office and tries to get the caller off the phone. Mitch asks her who it is and she tries not to tell her. He persists and she alludes to who was calling. Mitch flies off the handle and tells her to tell him not to call there again.

Jen tells Dawson she wants to be friends. At first Dawson doesn’t respond then he tells her he’ll think about it.

Pacey tells Dawson the best way to convey to Jen that he is over her is to treat her with indifference and eventually she will crave that special feeling once again that comes from being Dawson’s girlfriend.

In marine biology class Pacey finds out he has failed his mid-term exam and must to extra credit to bring up his grade. Much to his surprise, his extra credit partner turns out to be Joey.

Dawson tells Jen he would like to be friends with her. They talk and he asks her about her weekend plans. She tries not to answer but Dawson badgers her into an answer. She tells him she has a date with Cliff and that they are going to the carnival. Dawson tells her he has a date and they are going to the carnival too then suggests they double date. Jen cautiously accepts.

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