Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 11 - The Scare

Joey and Dawson are watching scary movies for Friday the 13th and Joey is getting scared. Joey changes the channel and they see a news report about the Lady Killer and Joey tells Dawson that there is real horror happening in real life and they don't need movies to give them fake horror. When Joey changes the channel again, Dawson disappears and it makes Joey scared and nervous and when she looks for him, he slides out from under the bed and scares her.

Pacey tries to find out what Dawson has in store for Friday the 13th. Dawson tells him that he is not going to imitate a movie this year since his love story did not happen like in a movie and he is sad about life. Pacey is disappointed, but is scared by something popping out of his locker. Cliff catches Jen in her class and asks her out on a date. Jen tells him that she will go. Joey finds a plastic snake in her backpack and freaks out. Jen mentions that Dawson has humor and Cliff mentions that he has humor also. At lunch, Pacey tells Joey that the Lady Killer stalks the victims with letters and phone calls before he kills them. Pacey then tells her that he could be behind her right now and then Dawson scares her from coming up behind her. Dawson tells them that he is holding a séance at his house, but Jen tells Dawson that she has a date tonight with Cliff. Pacey freaks out over the fake finger that Dawson puts in Pacey's French fries. Jen gets a little jealous that he is not scaring her and then walks off.

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