Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 12 - Beauty Contest

Joey and Dawson are watching a documentary on bugs reproducing, which prompts a discussion on how people choose their mates. Joey tells Dawson that society tells people what other people are attracted to, but Dawson thinks that it is actually instinct that decides who people are attracted to.

Everyone is talking about the Windjammer Days yacht race. Joey doesn't like the event and especially doesn't like the pageant related to the festival. Jen tells them that her mother used to enter her in pageants, but Dawson tells her that she should enter since there is a trip to New York and $5,000 for college. Jen tells him no and walks off. Dawson thinks that maybe his infatuation with getting Jen back is just a hobby now. Jen tries to get Joey to be friends with her now that they don't have Dawson between them. Dawson finds Pacey desperately searching for a pen in his locker and offers him a pen. Pacey starts complaining about his father constantly being on his case. Dawson offers his house to live for a while, but Dawson tells him that his father will never let him leave. Pacey informs Dawson that his father has offered to let him leave once he can become an emancipated minor. Pacey has found a trashy apartment, but doesn't have enough money and thinks that entering the pageant will really upset his father. Jen and Joey talk about how pretty Joey is and Jen suggests that she should enter the pageant. Joey doesn't want to, but considers it since it is money tat she can use for college. They come up to register for the pageant and find Pacey trying to enter the pageant. The lady tells Pacey that it is the Miss Windjammer Pageant. Dawson joins up with them and thinks that Jen is entering, but laughs at Joey when he realizes that it is Joey. Joey gets offended that Dawson would think that it is funny. Joey explains that she really needs the money and she is willing to put her pride on the line to win the money.

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