Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 13 - Decisions

Once again, the show opens with Joey and Dawson discuss their lives and the movies.

Jen tries to get Dawson to do something with her but he tells her has plans with Joey. Joey walks up to he and Jen in the hall telling them about her opportunity to go to France. Jen is excited for her and encourages her to go while a flustered Dawson is speechless.

Joey tells Bessie about the trip and Bessie congratulates telling her if she decides not to go it’s an honor to just be asked. Bessie then reminds Joey it’s her turn to visit their dad the next day in prison. Joey tries to tell Bessie she doesn’t want to go but Bessie reminds her that it’s his birthday and she went last year so it’s Joey’s turn to go.

Doug sees Pacey riding his bike and stops him to tell him their dad is looking for him. He continues to berate him then leaves.

Joey thanks Dawson for going with her to see her dad. He asks her if she’s made a decision about going to Paris and she tells him she has not. She asks him what he would do if he left and he grins and tells her suicide then he admits if France would make her happy then he would be happy for her.

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