Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 1 - The Kiss

The show opens with Dawson and Joey kissing. As they pull apart Joey asks Dawson what “that” was. He tells her it was a kiss. They over analyze it and even begin to argue. Joey turns to leave as Dawson grabs her and pulls her to him telling her to not even think about leaving. She smiles and they kiss again.

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Dawson and Joey wake up smiling in their respective beds in their respective homes. Gail wakes up and tells Mitch she doesn’t have to be in for a long time and she begins kissing him. He gently rebuffs her saying he has to shower and get to a meeting

Bessie notices Joey is all smiles as she drives her to school. She asks Joey where she was and realizes she was with Dawson then tells her to start talking. At the same time Dawson is telling Pacey about the kiss.

After his haircut, Pacey jumps in his dad’s car to try to impress Christy Livingstone, a senior and head cheerleader. As he is calling to Christy he pulls out and he and Andie McPhee have a wreck. He asks for her license and pretends to be a cop and threatens to take her in and book her after giving her a long lecture.

At school Dawson and Joey share an awkward hello and almost kiss. He asks how she is and she tells him she thinks she made the biggest mistake of her life…..she told her teacher she wasn’t going to France. Dawson tells her he’s relieved. She asks if he thinks they are making a mistake but he says no and asks her on a date. She accepts and as they start to kiss Jen walks up to say hello. Jen tells them her grandfather died the night before and they offer her help if she needs it. Jen walks away and Joey tells Dawson to see if she’s ok.

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