Glee: "Audition" Review

It might have been a good thing that Glee didn't bring home every Emmy it was nominated for in its inaugural year. The series is already flirting with over-exposure and more gold might have just sent things over the edge. That said, the series isn't blind to the growing Glee backlash-- not all of us are "Gleeks." With the premiere episode of season two, the series addressed some of the haters and put the series back onto a familiar course.

Annoying blogger Jacob opened the episode with his recap of Glee Club's "Big Gay Summer." This was the perfect way to start things off, giving us an update on what people did over the summer (Brittany: "People think I went on vacation, but I was lost in the sewers.") and where things stand now. But more importantly, it let us mock Glee the series a bit as Jacob mocked the club. His complaints were some that the public at large shares, like the song selections and use of AutoTune. I was especially on his side when he talked about the forum on his blog with people begging Will Schuester to stop rapping. This was a smart way to kick things off. It brought the program down a few pegs from all the high praise its received and reminded us that the series is just a TV show after all.

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