'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Case Of The Missing Shoes - Starpulse

I sincerely hope you set your DVRs because this is one Survivor episode just chock full of crazy. Generally, I'm happy to have just one headcase or evil villain to snark about all season, but Mark Burnett hit ratings gold this year with his cast of backstabbers, bullies and flat out nutjobs. Let's recap.

We catch a glimpse of the crazy that is Holly early on in the episode when she hijacks tribemate Jill's big old bucket of snails. Jill, hoping for a little protein and using every resource available to her, is sitting quietly and chomping on a breakfast of snails, when Holly sails by and berates her for her stupidity, grabbing the pot and dumping all of Jill's precious cargo to the ground. As Jill was busy picking her jaw up off the floor, the other tribemates immediately started in on Holly, with Dan being the most expressive, and in my opinion, the most accurate with his diagnosis: Holly is batsh*t crazy.

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