Episode Recap: The Top 20 Perform

Now comes the exciting part of the competition. The Top 20 has been chosen, and we finally get some (hopefully interesting) back stories on the dancers we don't know yet. But most of all, we're going to see some amazing dancing. Let's get started.

I always like to talk about the lovely Cat Deeley first, and it's with a heavy heart that I admit to not loving her spider-webby dress. You know how much I worship the ground she walks on, so I will allow it. I know you love her too, so please do share the love whenever you'd like as often as you'd like. I'll start: She's an amazing host, and I can't imagine anyone else doing the job she does on this show (or any other show, but I don't watch a lot of reality TV). Random fun fact about Cat: She's got a size 41 shoe, which is the equivalent of a size 10 here in the US. And how tall was she tonight? Take it easy with those heels, Cat!

As a reminder (just in case you need one), our Top 20 has been coupled up and will dance once tonight. Based on our votes, the bottom three couples will be revealed Thursday, and the judges will send one guy and one girl home.

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