How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Say Cheese" Season 5, Episode 18

Lily celebrates her 32nd birthday with all of her best friends - plus one random girl that Ted decides to bring with him to Lily's party. This is particularly upsetting because Ted has a habit of bringing new girls to gatherings with the group. The girls always end up in the group photo, and years later, no one can remember their names. Is this new girl just another nameless bimbo, or will she have staying power?

Future Ted tells us that Lily has always loved her birthday. And she's lucky that she married Marshall, because he loves planning birthdays. On this, Lily's 32nd birthday, Marshall surprises her with breakfast in bed, a Spanish musician and pictures of northern Spain, all of which fit into his theme of "Spanish Interlude." He tells her about the special night he has planned: just the five friends at a black-tie dinner, and Ted is planning to pick up Lily's favorite pumpkin cognac cheesecake.

Except...not. Ted shows up at the party without the cake. Instead, he arrives with his new girlfriend - a chef named Amanda who, he says, is going to bake Lily's cake. Lily is less than thrilled. Amanda, through no fault of her own, makes birthday games like "Lilyval Pursuit" and "Gilding the Lily" (where everyone writes down their favorite things about Lily), well, kind of lame because she's never met Lily before. Obviously feeling a bit awkward, Amanda excuses herself to the kitchen to start on the cake.

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