Life Unexpected Episode 10 Recap: "Family Therapized"

In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, both Cate and Baze try to get in Lux's good graces by getting Bug a job. Of course, they both happen to let her down, leading their social worker to think they really won't be able to make it as a family. Meanwhile, Ryan and Cate take a step towards reconciliation.

Welcome to another morning in Portland. Ryan and Cate skip the traditional morning sex convo on the radio show to talk about sleeping with each other. Same thing, no? It's more about the morning after cuddling. As they discuss, we see glimpses of Lux and Bug in bed - very cute - then Baze and Abby - not so cute. Also, the ice between Ryan and Cate continues to thaw.

Meanwhile, Bug and Lux awake to a good morning, especially when Bug says he's gotten a job to be a better man for her. Tear. Somehow I think this is still going to end badly. Things are not so good between Baze and Lux, though. She gives him a hard time for butting into her dating life while going behind Cate's back by sleeping with her sister. To fix things, Lux says, he must stop seeing Abby. He agrees as long as she doesn't see Bug anymore. Cue Lux sneaking out to go see Bug.

Cate wakes in the middle of the night to a phone call from the police. Lux was arrested for a curfew violation. This sparks a family fight in front of their social worker, who decides to move up their custody evaluation to the following week. "This arrangement was temporary," she says, "So if you two can't control Lux, we need to find people who can." Even Lux looks scared by that.

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