Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 15 Recap: "The Sixteen-Year-Old Virgin"

Love and loss were themes on tonight's episode of Gossip Girl. On the love front, Lily and Rufus inched toward reconciliation, while Nate risked losing Serena when he let slip some unkind words. And on the loss front, Jenny considered losing her virginity, while Chuck faced the possibility of losing his hotel.

Dirty Dancing

Before this episode, Jenny had never seen Dirty Dancing and she had never had sex. By the end of this episode, one of those things had changed. A grounded Jenny was skipping school to see Damien in the mornings, but then she would retreat to Latin class whenever their make-out sessions progressed too far. Eventually, Serena fell into big sister mode and cautioned Jenny by relaying her own regrets and telling her that losing one's virginity is a big deal. Jenny explained that she really loved Damien and she thought he was the right one for her.

Then Serena slipped into Blair mode (assigning Nate the Chuck part) and schemed so that Jenny could see that Damien was a sleeze-ball. However, Serena and Nate are no Blair and Chuck, and Damien apparently really did like Jenny, because he resisted Serena's advances as he told her he was dating Jenny. Serena's plan totally fell apart, and Nate never intended to play along anyway. Instead, he acted like a snitch and called Rufus. Jenny was then under even more severe lockdown.

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