'The Office' finale: There will be no questions. Are there any questions? Season 6, Episode 26

We end a very up-and-down season of "The Office" with an episode in which Michael Scott, who admits he's been down, finds things looking up. Will it be the same for us come Season 7?

I don't want to focus too much on the final moments of "Whistleblower" because, tantalizing though they were, I don't think we can take them as a promise. So we'll look at the ramifications of Jo seeing what she can do a little further down.

While the entire conversation between Michael and Jo on her private jet was wonderful, a lot of the investigation into the leak of Sabre's printer problems was not. The almost universal vitriol against Andy for dropping a dime on printers catching fire wasn't earned. If it had just been from Dwight, and maybe Angela? Sure. But to have it coming from Kevin, Phyllis and most of the rest of the branch felt out of character for several of them. I get the potential threat to their jobs, but, um, the printers were catching fire. Software patch or no, that's pretty freaking hard to ignore.

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