'One Tree Hill' Review: Clay Saves the Day

The One Tree Hill season 6 finale was seen by many fans as a fitting end to the series, but of course, it wasn't. Last night's episode had some of the same feel, wrapping up almost everyone's story in a neat little bow.

If it weren't for the sudden appearance of a hot British guy whose sole purpose is to try and put the final nail in the coffin of Brooke and Julian's love, there wouldn't be much that needs to keep going.

Clay and Quinn: Insanely Ever After

If you don't know what a deus ex machine is, it's a fancy word for Joe Turner's mom having cancer, an overly convenient and simplistic plot device that allows everything to work out perfectly. On the bright side, Quinn's cheerleading moves were hysterical.

The episode ended with them wading in the immensity while he prepared to fall insanely in love with her. That's fine, but watching people fall in love isn't particularly fun to watch. I'm hoping they emphasize the insane part and we learn that one or both of them is severely disturbed. One of them sees ghosts and the other dances like an epileptic at a disco party.

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