SONS OF ANARCHY ''Home'' Review Season 3, Episode 4

This week's episode of SONS OF ANARCHY is 'Home', an episode that is alternately brilliant and frustrating in equal amounts.

Jimmy O wants to give baby Abel back to Jax, but Father Ashby is having none of it. He makes Jimmy contact Jax to tell him that Abel is in Vancouver. Jimmy even ropes in a Son from the Belfast charter to confirm his story for a skeptical Jax. But after Jimmy threatens Maureen, Father Ashby decides it's time for his sister to call Gemma Teller and let her know where her grandson is.

SAMCRO ride out to see Gemma, though Clay has some problems with his arthritic hands along the way. While they tell her their plan to take her to Canada, they don't tell her about Abel's kidnapping, something that clearly gets to Tara. During an argument with Jax, she lets slip that they killed - and disposed of - Nate's caretaker, but there's no time to deal with that when the guys get a call from Piney, Bobby and Happy. They'd hit up a drugs supplier for medication, but local thugs were ransacking the place. Of course, when a brother calls backup is sent, in this case in the form of SAMCRO and a local charter.

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