DETROIT 1-8-7 ''Local Hero Overboard'' Review Episode 2

After last week's episode of DETROIT 1-8-7, many friends and colleagues predicted that was the end of the line for Detective Washington. I wasn't so sure. As extremely ironic and cruel it would have been to be shot dead on your first day in homicide, especially as your baby was being born, the writers thankfully decided not to take that route. I think Detective Washington will be a good edition to the team. As does Fitch, apparently.

While the brass and the prosecutor's office deal with the aftermath and PR nightmare of the shooting of Detective Washington at their own headquarters, the detectives have all moved on to their next cases. The first death is that of up and coming football player Calvin Gibbs who is found dead on the street but it becomes quite evident that he was shot while driving and his passenger is missing. Detective Sanchez and her new partner, Detective Stone, are put on the case. However, due to the high profile nature, Lt. Mason also puts Fitch on the case which works out good for him since he is flying solo. Also, he is a superstar detective. That is not all Lt. Mason wants Fitch to do. She and the assistant prosecuting attorney, whom apparently doees not much like Fitch, want Fitch to speak at a press conference about the shooting. As we know, Fitch is not much of a speaker and not much of a PR guy either. The brass wants to spin it into a hero tale, with Fitch as the hero, to take away from the whole cop got shot in his own house angle. Fitch doesn't want to be a hero. He just wants to do his job.

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