'Survivor: Samoa' Episode 5: A Tale of Two Russells - Recap

At this point you can't help but think that the same old will happen on Survivor: Samoa--Galu wins immunity, Foa Foa votes someone off again, everything descends into chaos. It happened last week: Galu won immunity, Ashley was voted off, and everything descended into chaos--Shambo feels alienated, Russell feels cornered, and of course, the strong rains. Talk about insult to injury.

The rains are still keeping both tribes sidelined. Jaison over at Foa Foa has even compared it to Captain Planet, saying that he wishes he had the heart to do so. Nice nostalgia trip, that one. The folks at Galu, on the other hand, are reeling from the cold, with Mick squeezing himself to the side of a tree, thinking it's much better than their shelter.

But we begin with a tale of two Russells. The one over at Galu is still busy at work, keeping a fire just in case the rain stops, although it's obvious he isn't feeling well. The one over at Foa Foa is, of course, going I'm-so-much-better-than-everyone-else: he's working because, he says, everybody else are babies. Convenient adjective, that one, but his views this time aren't as extreme as they were at the start of the season. Or am I just getting used to it?

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