ONE TREE HILL ''The Space in Between'' Review Season 8, Episode 3

As one could tell from the title of this week's episode of ONE TREE HILL, we are still dealing with the storyline of Quinn and Clay. A week has passed in Tree Hill and Quinn is recovering nicely. She is awake and growing stronger, but not yet able to leave her bed to see Clay. Clay is still hanging in there, but just barely. He needs a kidney transplant immediately or he won't make it.

Meanwhile ghost Clay has been hanging around the hospital too, waiting to see what happens next. He is joined in this in between state by another ghost, Will, who kind of shows him the ropes. Most of their time is spent following Nathan and Haley around as Nathan contemplates donating one of his kidneys so that Clay will live. This, for some reason, means that Nathan would never play basketball again. I could almost hear commenter, Carly, from the last review screaming NO, we worked so hard to get you here. That sentiment is voiced by ghost Clay although no one can hear him. However, Nathan finally reveals to Haley that the mysterious test we saw in the first episode showed that his back is getting worse. He has a degenerative condition in his back and it is truly unknown how long he would be able to play basketball anyway. After talking it over with Jamie, Nathan decides donation is best for everyone. Too bad he is not a donor match.

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