Project Runway: Season 4 Designer Kit Scarbo Works on Line with Etnies

Even though a contestant didn't win Project Runway all the way, there's still some credit given to them when your resume boasts of a stint on the show. Well, these people do have talent and all, but it doesn't hurt to appear on a reality series with Heidi Klum either.

Such is the case for Kit "Pistol" Scarbo, the season 4 competitor who became a fan favorite despite lasting for only eight episodes. According to the New York Magazine, the designer is busy with a collaborative effort these days. She's working with skateboarding and street-style brand Etnies.

"It could be for a girl who loves the skate culture but doesn't necessarily skate, like me," Kit told the publication. "I'm not riding in these shoes. But it's fun and sparkly, and would I wear this."

Apparently, this collection will be the first ever for the Etnies Girl brand, which is already a huge success for the Project Runway alum. On the season she participated in, she ranked high during the challenge for menswear. It's probably her forte, and she might just incorporate that to this brand.

Etnies Girl with Kit's designs will feature hoodies, tees, shorts and accessories. In addition to that are sneakers and other footwear like flip-flops. It's undoubtedly an exciting business venture for this LA-based fashion designer.

"Being on Project Runway, the feedback I got was from young girls from 8 to 18," Kit Scarbo said, explaining how she landed this gig with Etnies. "I got fan mail and e-mails. They would e-mail me for advice and tips about designing, sketching, boyfriend problems, and problems at school, so I was pleasantly surprised by that. So I had to tap into my high-school self when I started this. I would wear this if I was in high school, at school and out."

But despite her upcoming project, she hasn't quite focused on developing her own line. She's too busy styling celebrities like Dancing with the Stars host Samantha Harris. Along with those changes comes the dropping of her nickname, Kit Pistol. Still, she maintains that what she learned from Tim Gunn and the Project Runway judges will be remaining with her.

"I haven't done a proper collection since before Project Runway, but I hope to do one soon," she said. "[N]ow I'm in this big studio with all this machinery and I'm like 'What do I do now?' As soon as Dancing with the Stars is over, I'm on it."

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