Ghost Whisperer: Season 5 Premiere Preview

Finally, the day has come for us to meet Melinda's baby! Ghost Whisperer returns tonight for its highly anticipated fifth season, proving that a show can still thrive even when placed in the doomed Friday night timeslot.

When we last saw the CBS supernatural drama, Melinda got the news she's been dreaming of: She's going to have a baby boy! Unfortunately, her son will also be able to see dead people, as mentioned by Carl the Watcher, and he's going to be far more gifted than Melinda could ever be.

Ghost Whisperer continues tonight with the episode called "Birthday Presence," which finds our favorite Grandview residents in a five-year time jump. Melinda's son, Aiden, now five years old, celebrates his birthday with a party where Ned, Delia and Eli arrive as guests.

It looks like things are also going smooth for Melinda and Sam, who has re-invented himself as a physician, but we all know that the happy couple's life together is not without the company of earthbound spirits with unfinished business. And with the addition of Aiden, I'm expecting that things can only get complicated from here.

The season opener wastes no time in giving us a sampler of Aidan's gift, which will unravel as we get a glimpse of what happened exactly five years ago when a woman named Amber Heaton gets pregnant during a one night stand with an executive named Dale Harmon, whose wife Emily is having trouble getting pregnant. Dale's marriage hits a roadblock due to Dale's affair while Amber dies during childbirth. Her baby, Tyler, survives and is adopted though the ghost of Amber thinks the child's body died and his soul is now in Aiden's body, haunting him every year on his birthday.

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